About Us

Our History

What's something exciting our business? How we came to be.   

LEGACY Parenting Survival Brew was born from our parent company LEGACY Parenting Survival Wear. A division of BUILT By PN Industries, Inc., which offers solutions to everyday challenges in the stressful world of parenting.

Born from Brands for UtilityInteractionLearning & Thought; LEGACY brands are designed to offer that assistance. We bring a unique approach to parent and caregiver support with products designed for functionality, utility, and infant & early childhood development. We believe that ensuring our children’s well-being and mental development early on is a shared responsibility and we are here to play our part because creativity starts at birth.

We're a child education and development company at heart. 

At LEGACY Parenting Survival Wear we believe that early childhood learning and development starts with parental engagement.We start the process by making apparel that is color calibrated, geometrically and strategically designed, comfortable and affordable to wear, and easy to connect. 

We just happen to use an apparel platform to do it. Now we produce coffee, which means we’re not just another apparel company.

In today’s 2020 Covid-19 home bound world, anyone who is responsible for children knows that they need all of the assistance they can get. As more parents are forced to stay home to support student education and distance learning, they will need a tool that will work for them. Coffee.

LEGACY Parenting Survival Brew, "It's coffee that works for you!"